My Predictions for the 2021 U.S. Open

The U.S. Open begins tomorrow at Torrey Pines Golf Course - and we're ready to see what unfolds in the golf world next. Catch highlights on the Golf Channel.

Predictions from the PGA Pro

Tony Finau

Phil Mickelson

Brooks Koepka - Brooksie

Sleeper pick: Tommy Fleetwood

Phil is chasing the Grand Slam.

If Phil wins the U.S. Open on Sunday, he'll only be the 6th player to win the modern era Grand Slam. He would be the only LEFTY to win this accomplishment.

Brooksie V. Bryson

I am Team BK.

I like his attitude, cockiness, chip on the shoulder. He doesn't care what others think - He is who he is. I like the way he goes about his business.

Although I like the way Bryson approaches the game which is a very scientific and analytical approach.

"It's Fashion Bruh"

I wish the USGA would pair them together for the Thursday/Friday rounds because it would be great for Golf.

Hopefully they both make cut and force the USGA to pair them together on the weekend

Golf needs a new rivalry

Some history on the Majors

The return of the U.S. Open to the South course at Torrey Pines in June marks the twilight of another significant era in major-championship golf: 2021 is likely to be the final time a men’s major championship is contested on a golf course prepared by architect Rees Jones, who remodeled Torrey Pines in 2001 and renovated it again in 2019 ahead of this year’s event.

During the past 33 years, Jones has modified 12 courses for the U.S. Open and PGA Championship, covering 22 tournaments and four Ryder Cups. No other living architect has come close to matching his widespread association with major-championship golf or the influence on how these competitions look and play. Every design decision— fairway widths and orientations, tee adjustments, putting-surface expansion and contour, tree removal, bunker locations and depths—plays a role in determining how tournaments unfold and who is most capable of contending. Jones’ architecture has impacted the fortunes of a generation of major-championship winners with a mirror dimension of also-rans and what-ifs. However, the U.S. Open and PGA Championship will travel in new directions beginning in 2022, ones not likely—at least as it appears—to include the name or imprint of Rees Jones.

- Courtesy of Golf Digest

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